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Member Classifieds


As we grow and through the years, our needs change and we may purchase a lot of different equipment.  Our members occasionally have good quality, used items for sale and we list them here.  Happy hunting and we hope you find what you are looking for!  Note: click on the member's name and you can send an

e-mail inquiry.

Nothing available here yet!  

Member Outtings


Our members are always looking for places to get out and snap photos.  Occasionally, we like to go as a group.  Sometimes we even tag along with other local photography groups or invite them with us.  The more the merrier!  Plus it's always a great way to learn to see things differently or learn about a new way to take a shot. 

Sometimes members are going somewhere where they might enjoy a little company.  We post those here too!  Feel free to e-mail the contact person and ask to tag along!


Traveling To

Contact Person

Jan Kellogg - Moon Rise over Beaver Island.jpg

Moon Rise Over Beaver Island  by Jan Kellogg  

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